Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sad Day in South Carolina

Yesterday was indeed a sad day in South Carolina, as Barack Obama literally ran away with the Democratic Primary, leaving poor Hillary in his wake, and John Edwards in the dust. If Obama ultimately gets the nomination, I will certainly support him because after 8 long years of Bushit in the Whitehouse, any Democrat will hopefully bring a renewed hope in the American Dream.

My disappointment is not so much that Obama won, but that John Edwards has been, and continues to be so overlooked as the best possible chance for the renewal of the populism of that American Dream. The Corporate Media has truly decided that the Democrats must choose only between Obama and Clinton, and have done everything possible to narrow the decision to those two candidates alone. John Edwards, the only true voice for the common folk of this country has been marginalized because of the threat he poses to corporate interests, particularly the media conglomerate interests.

Wonchahepme will continue to support John Edwards for President of these United States until he and he alone says "enough". Hopefully that will not happen.

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