Saturday, January 26, 2008

Worst Case Scenerio

The "Political Season" is awash with vermin, on both sides of the Isle. And now that Dennis Kucinich has withdrawn to pursue his case for the impeachment of "The Big Dick C", the only remaining hope for the salvation of America is Senator John Edwards. Unfortunately, the MSM and "kingmakers" have decided to foster a hyper-battle between "The" Clintons and Obama, because of the marketing value.

So I have a worst case scenerio theory . . .

The GOPer-biased corporate media continues to increase ratings by stirring it up between Hillary and Barack, and neglects and/or denigrates John Edwards, so that either Hillary or Barack becomes the Democratic nominee. Joe Anybody gets the VP nod.

The GOPer-biased corporate media and GOPer "kingmakers" settle on John McCain -obviously because he's the oldest and most likely to die in office - with the clear understanding that he names heir apparent Jeb Bush as his running mate for VP.

The GOPer-biased corporate media, along with Karl Rove, the ghost of Lee Atwater, Swift-Boaters, Wingnut Bloggers, etc, unleash the dogs of hell with all the racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, jingoistic, hate slime and vote rigging they can muster, making 2000 and 2004 seem like a fairy tale; and, after a prolonged legal battle, the Supreme Court again sides with the GOPer-biased corporate media and GOPer "kingmakers", declaring McCain/Bush the winners with 750,000 fewer votes than the Democrats. The American public gets goosed again.

After January 2009, VP Jeb Bush assumes control of all day-to-day operations and policy decisions of the Whitehouse, directing President McCain to maintain in office all personnel from the previous George Bush II administration, with a few exceptions. Rudy Guiliani is to be Czar of Homeland Security, John Bolton is to be Secretary of State, and Paul Wolfowitz is to be Secretary of Defense (though now renamed Secretary of World Wars Three and Counting). Condi is given a Chevron franchise and retires to Birmingham, Alabama; and Mike Huckabee finally returns to Ozark Baptist Seminary for his theology degree.

After two years in semi-seclusion, McCain dies from Vietnam Era head wounds, Jeb Bush becomes president, and goes on to become the third Bush war president by invading Sudan and capturing its vast oil reserves. Both of his children are sent to rehab for severe drug addiction. George Bush the Younger has a terrible chain saw accident. Barbara the Younger spends the remainder of her years caring for Laura the Lush

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