Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chicago 1968-Denver 2008 "NOT AGAIN"

Democrats have a way of being on the high ground and blowing it. Here's hoping that some - at least those of us who were involved that summer - will remember the lessons learned and not repeat it in Denver. Read this piece from Steve Pizzo, and learn . . . .

Chicago 1968 -- Denver 2008
From Steve Pizzo at News For Real
"On August 25 Democrats will gather in Denver for their nominating convention. Ironically it comes precisely 40 years since the party opened it's 1968 convention in Chicago. The 1968 convention was the most significant in my lifetime - until now. The Democratic Party and the nation paid a horrible price for what transpired at that convention, a price we may be about to pay again.The Democratic convention this August faces many of the same issues as Democrats face in 1968. Change vs. same-old, same-old. Machine politics vs. people politics. The will of the people vs. the will of party insiders. They are all in play again." [Read it in full and learn.]
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