Sunday, February 10, 2008

Democrats, 70-30% folks.

Don't tell me that folks aren't fed-up with GOPers. Yesterday in Louisiana, for Democrats it wasn't so much that Barack beat Hillary as it was that Democrats whopped Republicans in voter turnout. According to the Secretary of State, yesterday's two primaries drew over 545,000 voters, 384,000+ to the Democrats and 161,000+ to the Republicans. That's 70-30% people!
Click here: Louisiana Secretary of State--Multi-Parish Elections Inquiry

Unless I'm missing something important, those are great numbers. Of course, the GOPer response will be that this election didn't really count for anything, and they'll do better when push comes to shove later on. Right!! But didn't they have Republican State Central Committee members to vote on? Wasn't that important enough to command a greater voter turnout? And didn't they have to show the colors for the race between McCain and Huckabee, between the war-monger and the 'creationist'? It seems to me that the everyday GOPer has given up on the characters they have to choose between for the Whitehouse; and that they don't care about who represents them on the RSCC.

Recall just a few months back, Lil'Bobby was waltzing into the governor's house with a massive GOPer backing, banners were flying, they were drowning in corporate money, and Vitter and his LCRM were in fat city. Now there's a slightly different picture, and things are still changing. Lil'Bobby is in office now, still promoting his now shadowy 'ethics', while involved in his own campaign messup, and refusing to consider any ethical change to the LCRM corporate money man structure. It turns out a lot of that criticism and concern about Lil'Bobby during the primary was true - and it didn't take much time to start finding out.

So back to the numbers. The next important election for me are the primaries in March for the LA01 seat abandoned by Lil'Bobby. I haven't broken down the LA01 from Saturday, but someone who has more patience than me will. And I'll bet they're good. Unless Saturday's numbers were just a complete anomaly, and don't have any predictive meaning, it looks like the GOPer creeping virus in Louisiana might be slowing down. However it's read I take it as a positive step towards returning to progressive sanity.

To me it's looking better every day. Stick at it, and we'll get a Democrat back in LA01.

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