Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Its Got a Bunch of Numbers in It"

"It's got a bunch of numbers in it."
Here's a little sumpin' I overlooked earlier. Directly from Pottersville . . .
"The man who’d once poo-poohed the nonexistent budget of Texas by saying, “It’s got a bunch of numbers in it” at least has his priorities in order. So while indigent, elderly, sick and infirm people get the shaft, at least they have the consolation of knowing that the money that would’ve been allocated to the social service programs on which they used to depend will be used to fund an army of pissed-off Islamophobic virgins.
Oh, yeah, and to further bloat the already-wealthy with another round of tax cuts. As with the outgoing GOP-dominated 109th Congress, which we lib bloggers had predicted would try to grab as many piles of cash and put up as many sawhorses as possible to impede the path to any meaningful progress, Bush’s final budget has many agendas, not a single one of them working to the benefit of more than 10% of the electorate.
It will hamstring any Democratic president coming in with a real vested interest in a competent, responsible government and will be the bad guy in his/her efforts to raise taxes, which is really the best or fastest way to begin balancing the budget that’s been perpetually unbalanced by neverending rounds of tax cuts.
Or this Draconian and most heartless of budgets will give a flying head start to (Lord help us) any Republican that Diebold and the Supreme Court can shoehorn who will no longer feel the need to repudiate Bush and will of course embrace the endless tax cuts and Fuck Everybody But Me and Mine 2009 budget.
Bush’s proposals would last until the end of the legitimate 43rd president’s first term, therefore assuring GOP dominance until after Junior has made millions on the lecture circuit kind of in the way one’s dysfunctional DNA survives one after their death.
If Congress passes this budget, which exceeds last year’s budget by two hundred billion while slashing funding from 151 programs across half the Cabinet while allocating an additional $36 billion for the biggest earmark of all, the military, then that, if nothing else, should give us a reason to clean house this November.
A great way to start would be to take that fat $600 check you'll be getting this May or June and contribute it to a true progressive candidate's candidacy. Granted, your check, unlike Bush's or Cheney's, won't have "a bunch of numbers in it" but still...It's just an idea...
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