Saturday, February 2, 2008

Let's Get It Right This Time

Louisiana's 1st Congressional District finally has a chance to stop being a foot-stool, get it right and send a representative to the Congress of these United States who is intelligent, competent, charismatic, and committed to progressive values. We need Gilda Reed.

For the last three decades, LA01 has sunk deeper and deeper into the abyss of the uber-right conservative beast, and look what it's got us. From Bob "family-values and admitted adulterer" Livingston to David "family-values and hoe-monger" Vitter to Lil'Bobby now "Mr. Ethics violater" Jindal. All three of those GOPers have used LA01 voters as a footstool for personal political advancement, and walked away from LA01 when their next opportunity came along. The last, Lil'Bobby, even carpet-bagged himself into LA01 for the "sole" purpose of replacing his mentor Vitty-Cent, and then was a no-show in Congress for his last year while making his next move up to Goobner of the Gret State. It would be nice for a change to have a Congress(person) who actually gave a damn about LA01. For some inciteful and well-written commentary on Louisiana GOPers, check out Click here: Liberty and Justice for all! and the always enlightening Click here: Daily Kingfish ... Lord knows Louisiana needs it ...

And, from the looks of things the GOPer offerings this time around are no better than those of the last two decades. The candidates, Steve "Mr. Homophobic" Scalise, Tim "pro-life until after birth" Burns, and Ben "Falwell-aryan" Morris perform as institutionally trained GOPers. They trivialize meaningful issues and play to their respective "prejudice" bases. The best of the GOPer potential candidates, Kevin Davis, had the personal integrity to stay above the fray and continue his excellent job of rebuilding St. Tammany Parish since Hurricane Katrina.

Which brings us to Gilda Reed. Now here is a person everyone in LA01 would be proud to have as their Representative in the Congress of these United States. She is not in this race for her own personal glory, or to use LA01 as a stepping-stone for moving on up the political ladder. Her long record of achievement already speaks volumes to her leadership ability and sense of personal and community responsibility. When elected to Congress, she will stay, build seniority, and become the powerful and thoughtful representative that LA01 needs for the future.

Let's get it right this time, folks. The GOPers have been using LA01 and feeding at our trough for two decades now. Let's elect someone who will look out for us, instead of themselves. Vote for GILDA REED.

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