Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ol'Johnny's in deep shit, keep him there . . .

Poor John McWalnuts is in deep shit right now, and it's time to move in for the kill on this sleazy fake. It's time to pile on folks. He's got not one, not two, but three separate piles of crapola to explain away; and he just keeps on plugging away with that "I'm an honorable man" crap, and the wingnuts are eating it up. "I'm just a poor victim here, blame everybody else, not me, not me . . ."

For starters there's the NYT story last week with the underlying inference that Ol'Johnny's been messing around with some lobbyist that strangely enough looks like his wife, only 2o years younger. Now that sounds like our very own Senator Vitter, who's girlfriend not only looks like his wife, but has the same name - Wendy. It must lessen the chances of a verbal slip. Anyway, who really gives a damn about whether Ol'Johnny can or could still get it up. He can always claim, like Vittycent, that at least it wasn't no homo. It's a distraction, not a story.

Next, the real story in the NYT article this week was the bringing to light Ol'Johnny's cozy relationship with the K Street and beyond lobbyists. Nothing new here, he's been on the take dating back to the Keating 5 savings and loan shine. For the first time in this present campaign, though, the NYT was able to lite a spark under some talking heads in the MSM and pundit class so that they're now talking about the Maverick's connections to the money boys and girls. For gawd's sake, people, he's dissing lobbyists and most of them are on his payroll campaign staff. Wake up and smell the horseshit. How many sides does this guy have to his mouth?

And the third story to follow is Ol'Johnny's scheme to game the Federal Election Commission's rules on matching campaign funds. Simply put, he opted out during his campaign until he needed to use the possibility of future funds to secure a loan to get enough money to claim he can opt back into the system and stand on his high horse and claim that since he's an "honorable man" that Barack Obama must opt into the matching campaign funding. WTF is that all about?

All three of these tawdry tales exemplify the best of Republican politics. Screw around, go for the money, and game the system when you can. Not only has Ol'Johnny opted into the Bush 43 philosophy of more war, less jobs, more debt, less healthcare, etc, he has co-opted their game plan. It's no wonder the Bush Family Evil Empire considers him worthy to hold the seat for Jeb.

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