Monday, February 4, 2008

On Saturday, vote for "The Two Elizabeths"

Come Saturday in Louisiana, we get to vote in a presidential primary. My vote will be in the Democratic column, though I still haven't settled down to one person, and not from lack of trying. Truthfully, after reviewing all the donkeys and their families, etc., my Dream Ticket, and a sure winner in November would be the two Elizabeths, "Elizabeth Edwards and Elizabeth Kucinich". Those two could make a difference in these United States of America.

Louisiana Primaries Could Make a Difference Posted on Feb. 5, 2008 by Lamar White, Jr
Although political pundits have suggested that we should expect a low turn-out for this Saturday’s Presidential primaries, there is reason to believe that the results of this primary, particularly for Democrats, could make a difference. Both Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s campaigns have indicated that they may be visiting Louisiana later this week. If ground operations shift to Southern states, which seems likely given the amount of delegates Texas offers, then we’ll likely become a battleground, both for symbolic and strategic purposes.
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