Tuesday, February 12, 2008

GOP(er) powerbrokers annoint . . .

So the "GOP(er) powerbrokers . . . are now rewarding (Steve) Scalise for patiently waiting his turn" to run for the LA01 seat in Congress. This news right from Stephanie Grace in this morning's T-P, the straight poop on GOPer politics in the Gret State.
Click here: GOP ready to reward patient Steve Scalise- NOLA.com
If all she says is accurate, then it seems the third time is the charmer for SS, after being shoved aside for Vitty-Cent and Lil'Bobby. They're gonna allow him his turn.
If I were a GOPer in LA01, I'd be pissed-off at being informed the power boys have already decided it's Scalise's "turn" at the trough. Not that any of the other GOPer runners are any better, but it's just downright insulting for the elites in the GOP, presumably those on the RSCC and LCRM rosters, Vitter, Villere, Boise, et al, to tell me who it's gonna be. Even if I'm a wingnut who believes the rich should be richer, homos are gonna destroy my family and there needs to be a 10' wall the entire length of the mexican border, it just ain't right. I can decide for myself who to vote for. Hell, they already confused me enough with that “fusion” slate, labeled the “Pro-Life/Pro-Family”, or whatever that was in the caucuses last month. So yeah, I'm insulted and I want those "powerbroker" boys to spread their money around. I wanta see'em all.
But I'm not a GOPer in LA01, so what do I care if they eat their own. Maybe some of them will just ignore their bosses and stay home, and eat fried squirrel.

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