Friday, February 1, 2008

What Do We Do Now?

Now that John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich and Chris Dodd have withdrawn from the Democratic Quest for the Whitehouse, the voices of populist ideals have been horse-whipped and mostly disappeared from open discussion. We are left to decide between two voices of corporate America. And, after listening to last night's "love-in" between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it really doesn't seem to matter who takes the lead in their dance. Today some are advocating they run together, though opinions differ between "Tweedledee-Tweedledum" or "Tweedledum-Tweedledee". Here are some thoughts from The LA Times:

Clinton, Obama gently debate Iraq in Hollywood
The Iraq war reemerged Thursday as a dividing line between the two major Democrats remaining in the presidential contest, as Barack Obama used a Los Angeles debate to argue he has the judgment to lead the nation out of war and Hillary Rodham Clinton asserted that she has the gravitas to do the same.The debate, sponsored by The Times, CNN and Politico and held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, was the first one-on-one meeting between Clinton and Obama. It was also the last before Democrats in 22 states, including California, vote Tuesday.
Click here: Los Angeles Times: Clinton, Obama gently debate Iraq in Hollywood

And, assuming that Ole John McWalnuts gets the GOPer nod, we have this to look forward to in the fall. Ann Coulter: McCain nomination would make me a 'Hillary girl'
It seems as though the latest game among conservative pundits is to play "can you top this" in seeing how far they can go to proclaim their distaste for Senator John McCain. Radio talk show clown Rush Limbaugh drew media attention to himself last week when he suggested he might not support McCain if he became the Republican nominee. Now Ann Coulter has upped the ante, telling Fox News host Sean Hannity that if John McCain is the Republican nominee, she's supporting Hillary Clinton. [Is she driving Democrats towards McWalnuts?]
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All things considered, perhaps its time to bring back one of the old demons of politics, the venerable RALPH NADER, who, by the way, has just announced that since John Edwards' departure, he is "considering" a new "Run for the Roses" in 2008. I know many folks feel he's just gonna screw the Democratic candidate "again", but I disagree with that notion, and with the notion that he screwed Al Gore in 2000. If you take the time to study where he stands on most issues, you'll find that throughout his long career he has consistently stood up for the people and always against corporatism. And, for good measure, he could bring along Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson for VP. I'm giving it some thought.

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