Saturday, March 8, 2008

Enjoy the 'toons of Pablo at PabloOnPolitics

It's Saturday, and while we're waiting for the results of the 1st Democratic congressional primary since the days of EWE, let's enjoy the 'toons of Pablo at . . . This first is a simple statement on the condition of the economy under the GOPers. Maybe this is what Steve Scalise and his friends at the Club for Growth have in mind for our future. I just hope the folks at BunnyBread are able to keep puttin' out that great sliced white bread.Then of course no 'toonist could overlook the great potential in Johnny McWalnuts. Let's all hope he doesn't make it to the WH, but if he does we can at least look forward to more years of great humor in the finest tradition of George, JEB, Poppy, Babs & Laura, and friends.
Even after he loses in November, old Johnny McW will still be somewhere making funny, maybe feeding bar-b-que to his buddies Russert and Matthews at his Sedona get-away.
Be sure and check out Pablo, and his great archives . . .

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