Friday, March 7, 2008

LA01 has a chance, don't blow it again . . .

Tomorrow's the day people. For the first time since the days of Edwin Edwards, Louisiana will have separate party primaries for Congressional seats. The recent presidential primaries don't really count for anything here, but these do. And in this district, LA01, it is important. There is a really well qualified progressive Democrat running in the person of Gilda Reed, and she's sure to win the primary and then face off against whoever wins the GOPer primary. And for the first time in many years, there is a very real chance we could end up with a Democrat representing LA01 in Congress.

As of today, it looks as though the GOPer race is between two uber-conservatives, Scalise and Burns, each trying his best to out conservative the other. They're both 100% against everything GOPers are supposed to be against. They hate homos, abortions, taxes, people in general and anything considered liberal. What is it with that hate thing? Most liberals are pretty nice folks.

Is this little reminder from Roget's Thesaurus really true. Well, if you pull up your Roget's, or any other dictionary or thesaurus, you'll find that it is. We're not mean spirited or selfish. In fact, one of our best selling points is that we believe in the common good, e.g. what's good for me is good for you is good for all of us.

Take the issue of taxes for instance. Of course, no one likes to pay taxes, who would. But to hear Messrs. Scalise and Burns take on it, you'd have to believe there's no such thing as a good tax, period, none, no way, no how. Doesn't matter what the tax is for, or who pays it, or how much it is, taxes are bad. So the fight in GOPer circles is who did and didn't vote for TAXES!!!

Then take their so-called family values. GOPers say they want to go to Congress so they can return to family values. Remember this was one of the buzz-word flash points GOPers came up with in the Reagan years. GOPers then couldn't really win by telling folks they were for lower taxes on rich folks, abolition of the social safety network, Milton Friedman trickly-down-your-leg economics, so they came up with the family values scam. It's basically the same fear scam they still use. We'll make you afraid of the other, the homosexuals who're gonna currupt your kids, the abortionists who kill babies, the colored folks who'll ravage your women-folk, and we'll package it all in a nice little kit called family values. Don't be concerned that the schools and the infrastructure are rotting, or that businesses are failing or migrating overseas, or that you can't pay the mortgage because there's no oversight preventing lenders from robbing us blind, we'll protect those unborn cell clusters, and keep them homos out of your lives. Family values my ass.

We just went through 7 long years of conservative family values in Congress, and look at the mess we're in today. What is with these neanderthals in Louisiana. The rest of the country is finally waking up to the fact that so-called conservative values do not work, never did, never will.

We in LA01 actually have a chance to climb up out of the wilderness, up from the dark ages, into the 21st century, and elect someone who can do what is right for the common good. GOPers by their nature are not interested in the common good.

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