Tuesday, March 4, 2008

McCain-Hagee-MSM the "New Axis of Evil"

What is it with this guy? Ole Johnny McWalnuts just keeps on stepping in it, and he's still smelling like a rose to the guys in the MSM - like his blow-buddies Timmy Russert and Tweedy Bird Matthews. He hugs and swoons over the likes of Rapture-Meister John Hagee, and the rightwingnuts who hated him two weeks ago now see him as the second coming; and climb on board so as to not get Left Behind. WTF is this shit all about?

This guy is a certified nutcase folks! Wake up and smell the coffee! It's bad enough that he loves Bush and Family, and is suffered by them so he can hold the WH for Jeb's restoration, but he's also a habitual adulterer, a panderer to lobbyists, a manipulator of the FEC and election laws, a Friedman free-trader, and a war-monger without peer.

Republicans have no shame! And their acceptance and adoration of McCain is the perfect example of their complete lack of morals and judgment in politics.

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