Monday, March 17, 2008

Not Bad Being a "Bleeding Heart Liberal"

What about "tax and spend",and "bleeding heart" Liberals?
Conservatives have no problem with government taxing and spending so long as the spending is done on their own businesses and industries, so that they add to their own bottom lines. Liberals, on the other hand, believe in taxing "the haves" -- which often includes themselves -- in order to distribute wealth back to "the have-nots."

They do so in part for perfectly selfish reasons, believing that when poor people do not have reliable and sufficient income, they are much more likely to resort to crime to get what they need to support themselves and their families. But another reason they do so is the inspiration they have gotten from the teaching of the great prophets of the Hebrew Bible on the one hand, and from Jesus of Nazareth on the other. See LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/GODvsGreed.

Conservatives try to intimidate people like me by referring to us as "bleeding-heart liberals", because of the many instances in which we are concerned about the suffering of needy and helpless people. Have we ever seen or heard the media refer to "bleeding heart conservatives"? "What is that?" you ask. Why it's Conservatives who -- instead of commiserating with the suffering of the poor -- "feel the pain" of the super-wealthy.

Conservatives cringe at the thought of multi-millionaires being required to pay taxes on their million dollar income from dividends and capital gains, just like common laborers are required to pay taxes on their income from labor. It's Conservatives who "feel the pain" of the children of those millionaires, who have to pay estate taxes on whatever they inherit from their parents through no merit of their own, after the first million dollars or so is entirely exempted from that tax. The only time we will hear criticism of these views in the media is every two to four years, when a Liberal candidate has paid thousands of dollars to buy a few seconds of air time from the Conservatives who own just about all of the major media in America these days.

A Liberal woman I know told me about a date she had with a Republican: "When I asked this guy why he was a Republican, he said, and I quote exactly, "because I believe that there are the haves and the have-nots in this world, and being one of the haves, I vote to keep that." Rarely do you find such candor, especially from a conservative Republican!

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