Sunday, March 9, 2008

Remember this picture and their GOPer enablers . .

Every man and woman of voting age in South Louisiana should remember this picture. It is Messrs. Bush and McWalnuts celebrating McWalnut's birthday on August 29, 2005, while thousands of folks were being washed out of their homes and lives by Hurricane Katrina and broken Corps of Engineers levees. The Smirking Bastards.

And remember that these two GOPers and their family values and disaster capitalists cronies in Washington did everything they could do, and are still doing, to stall and hinder the return of South Louisiana and New Orleans - to preserve it only for their disaster capitalist profiteering friends. The War in Iraq, and the aftermath of Katrina are the worst of the many Bushivik GOPer atrocities, and McWalnuts just wants to keep'em going on forever. In fact he may just turn out to be worse - if that's possible - than Dim Son. Just remember that these two were yukking it up in Arizona while Katrina was bearing down on you and yours.

Remember also that during and after Katrina, the United States Congressman from LA01 was the now Goober Lil'Bobby Jindal, who'd only recently carpet-bagged into Metarie when David Vitter, who slipped into Bob Livingston's LA01 seat when he was outed by Larry Flynt of Hustler, moved to the somewhat more dignified Senate, where he could deal with a better class of whores. And Congressman Jindal - our man in Washington after the storm -wasn't even in Washington most of the time, but rather was in Louisiana making the rounds of the money-men campaigning for his next step up to the big time.

Thus LA01 has a strange history of really meaning nothing to anyone who represents us except as a stop-over point for a better job - padding the resume if you will. Word is that Lil'Bobby Jindal has put his Metairie house on the market, where even in this GOPer induced housing market crisis, it'll be snapped up by some political friend. Now he don't need us no more, so he's returned to Red Stick in Da Big House. Livingston-Vittycent-Jindal - and now, who? Are we gonna get Tweedledum GOPer or Tweedledee GOPer - Scalise or Burns.

Saturday we had primaries for Congress in Louisiana. And here in our LA01, Gilda Reed won the Democratic primary walking away, which most of us knew would happen. And it looks as though finally a strong appealing Democrat is gaining traction in this backwater GOPer lair. But, as in all elections there was a downside - the numbers: LA-01: Special Closed Primary Results

CenLamar provides a complete breakdown of the votes in LA01, and they're not pretty. The Democratic primary, open to Dems & Friends alike, drew about 16,800 votes; and the GOPer primary, open only to GOPer fellow travelers, drew over 34,000. A margin of over 2 to 1. In my own precinct in Mandeville, the margin was 2.5 to 1 for the GOPers.

I asked my son-in-law today if he voted. His answer, "No, it wouldn't have done any good. This is repug country and it's gonna stay that way. I'll vote in May, but why bother now?" [Hell, you better vote, boy, or no more nice in-laws.] Truth be known, that's probably a clear statement about not voting in the primary, it didn't make a difference - but it could have!

The real vote for LA01 is in May, after Messrs. Burns and Scalise have taken distaste for each other and downright hatred for all things liberal to a new level of Dante's Inferno. The attacks on each other should at least provide some humor through their run-off in April, their programed bullshit spoken through shiny white teeth. Southshore versus Northshore. [I say we put'em both out in the middle of Lake Pontchartrain in pirogues with paddles, survivor wins, just like on TV.]

What's troubling about Saturday's two primaries is the 2 to 1 margin of GOPers to Dems who actually voted in their respective primaries. And, since independents and other free thinkers were allowed to vote in the Democrat primary, I was looking forward to some more balanced results in turn out. Maybe there just wasn't a real enough of a contest between Vinny and Gilda.

I've only met Vinny once, and he's a good man, very easy to like and respect. And also, being truthful, I've only met Gilda once, but there was a look me in the eye strength in her that drew me in. She's got it, chrisma, determination, and a complete and utter belief and conviction that she is doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason - the Common Good. Since that one meeting, I read all I could find on her, and I've spoken with others who feel the same way. She is the person we need to represent all the people of LA01, not just the business men, the law enforcement community, the real estate brokers and developers, etc, etc. In other words, we need her in Congress to represent the ordinary folks in this district. The folks that get up early, work long hours for low pay, and are watching daily as the price of food, of gas, of housing, of clothing, rise; the people who are rebuilding their lives and homes, not the contractors and bankers and profiteers; the people who need available personal health care, not the insurance companies and HMOs who make it unaffordable; the folks who actually do the labor and not the corporate bosses who cut jobs, pay and benefits to gorge themselves on more profits.

As disappointing as the number of votes in Saturday's primary were, it's gonna get better. All each of us have to do it take one or two new voters with us in May. I for sure am taking my daughter and son-in-law . . . . . and I'll remember that picture of the two GOPers

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Gilda said...

Wow! I love it. Regular, everyday people reclaiming their government!