Monday, March 17, 2008

Vitters "quibble" is plain ole bullshit

One positive effect of the Eliot Spitzer mess in NYC is that it highlights the hypocrisy of the GOPers in Louisiana, and David Vitter in particular. Vitter and Roger Villere (head LA GOPer) can quibble all they want as to whether or not his "sin" is similar to Spitzer's, but in this case quibble is just another word for bullshit. The bottom line is that Vitter betrayed the public trust, his wife, his family and his public persona just as Spitzer did. Both held themselves out as paragons of virtue and disdainful of all "immoral" behavior; and publicly chastised and prosecuted those who did not adhere to their high "moral" principles. And both did it while publicly courting voters in elections and at the same time betraying the public by their secret behavior.

In one aspect at least Vitter's behavior was more reprehensible than Spitzer's. If, as Vitter claims, his "sin" was in the past and he had reconciled with his wife Wendy and his church, and his family, then his entire campaign for Senate based on his strong "family values" was a lie. And if, as has been reported, his wife and the GOPer leadership were aware of his "sin", then they too were complicit in his campaign of lies. In doing so, David Vitter, Wendy, and the GOPer leaders willingly risked exposing his family - their children in particular - to shame and ridicule solely in order to further their political ambition of establishing a "republican majority" in Louisiana. Shame, shame, shame . . . . . .

This is not going to go away, regardless how much "quibble" theGOPers put on it. Spitzer had the brass to acknowledge his abuse of public trust and resign. Scout Finch has a good piece at DailyKos distinguishing between the two fallen angels.

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