Friday, April 4, 2008

Elect Gilda Reed and take back LA01

There's a great post today at DownWithTyranny on the LA06 Congressional race in Baton Rouge. And it looks as though the Democrats are going to take that seat back. Click here: DownWithTyranny!: THE BAD NEWS TRAIN ROLLING TOWARDS ANOTHER RED DISTRICT? LA-06 TURNING BLUE? Hooray.

We have an all important race here in LA01 also. Tomorrow, the GOPers hold their closed "members only" run-off between Tweedledee (Scalise the Anointed) and Tweedledum (Burns the Upstart). It doesn't matter who wins, they're both ethically challenged and beholden to big money. No doubt either would follow in the footsteps of their forefathers in LA01, Messrs. Bob (adulterer) Livington, David (whoremonger) Vitter, or Lil'Bobby (running for Goobner) Jindal. It's been 30 years since LA01 has actually had a real representative in Congress.

Well, now we have a chance to elect someone who will truly represent the people in LA01, stay and build seniority, and do the job for us. By all accounts, we're going to have a Democratic House of Representatives and Senate after November, regardless who is elected President. We need someone who is part of and has the ear of the Democratic leadership. We don't need a Tweedledum or Tweedledee member of the minority who can do nothing but nay-say and block any attempts to bring real progressive change to the USofA and Louisiana.

We Need Gilda Reed.

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Daniel Z. said...

Don't you mean tweedledum and tweedledumber?