Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scottie gets mashed by the wingnuts . . .

True to form, the Wingnuts jumped Scottie the Rat today over his tattle-tale book. Not so much about the truth of his tales, but more that he was a disloyal little snit betraying his pals for a quick buck. And Weezie Rice was right at the front line.

They were after all just little lies, just what we needed to jump-start the taking down of the Evil Saddam. We did, though, have to get lots of folks to tell those little lies.

4000 dead, so what! It worked! And, everybody got on board - except that little rat Scottie.

My Man had to have his war, and we never coulda done it without a few little twisters here and there.

We got what we wanted. And Scottie can rot in hell with the rest of the rats.
Bush mouthpiece, what a sicko job. Scottie sucked then, and still does, and he might have saved lota of lives by coming clean then instead of now. But then Ari Fleicher, Tony Snow and Dana Perino all suck too. It's their job to lie for the Man. A real bunch of sick fucks.

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