Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Condi Rice & Grace Mugabe, Separated at Birth

Condi Rice has had such a free ride during her 8 years as Bush's hand-maiden. She's pictured as a brilliant, stylish, modern, in-charge woman. She is packaged and sold as the great American story. Pieces of it are, of course, true, but in most cases the hyperbole is staggering. And in "10 Percent Intellectual", John Brown peeks behind the icon to paint the real Condi.
In the case of men, fashion and shoes, Condi's long lost twin has appeared in the person of Grace Mugabe, secretary-mistress, now wife of the murderous dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. From all appearances, they could have been separated at birth?

We know Condi best, not because of her skills at diplomacy, but because of her many short-comings, such as her fantasy love affair with her wannabe husband George, or her orchestration of torture, or her obsession with shoes - especially Ferragamo shoes, which she was caught purchasing in NYC a couple of days after Hurricane Katrina - while folks were dying in New Orleans.

It turns out Mrs. Mugabe also has very expensive taste, likes to go shopping, and is especially fond of guess what - Ferragamo Shoes. On her latest shopping spree in Rome, Grace reportedly spent thousands of her husband's ill-gotten money on hotels, and more thousands on clothes and shoes. Responding to criticism that her spending on her size 8-A feet jarred with the crushing poverty in her country, she told one reporter: "I have very narrow feet, so I wear only Ferragamo." Wow, Zimbabwe has its very own "let'em eat cake" Condi.

Best of all though, and in addition to their expensive taste in clothes and shoes, the two re-joined sisters also seem to have the same taste in their men. Grace has her Robert Mugabe.

The murderous never elected president of Zimbabwe, who hates George Bush because the two have so much in common, has even denounced Bush as an interferring fascist at the UN.

And Condi has her Dubya - well, Condi's close enough anyway. Both men have vitrually destroyed their respective countries during their stolen presidential tenures. A 2007 piece, American Mugabe, sez it all in too much detail.

Two women, with identical taste in men and identical taste in shoes and high living. Can it be that these two long lost sisters will reunite - and perhaps write a real pot-boiler of tales from the dark side.

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