Monday, June 23, 2008

Keep it up Lil'Bobby, you're doin' just fine . . .

Several happenings over the past few days have taken the starch out of Lil'Bobby's blue button-down shirts, but none seems to slow him down. From being a wunderkind a couple of weeks ago, he's being stripped of his polished veneer day by day . . .
There's the on-going flap over the Bobbing-Head pay raise. He won't veto it, but he won't sign it either. So in the end he and his sidekicks, Timmy and Melissa, have pissed everybody off. Enough said on that subject.

His creationism bill is moving on through. Politics Louisiana schools open to creationism? And even though Melissa sez it isn't his, and it isn't creationism but an opportunity to broaden the student's perspective, everyone knows it's hogwash and just a toe in the door of religious crapola in public schools. Even Lil'Bobby's professor from Brown University is appalled and calling on him to stop. Jindal's College Professor Says . . . ; Jindal's genetics professor speaks out . Clear your head Lil'Bobby, and listen up to your elders.
And speaking of public schools, we may be seeing the end in sight in New Orleans and elsewhere. Lil'Bobby is keynoting the charter schools round-up, and no doubt will heartily endorse their grab for more education dollars. Another step toward the conservative dream of disaster capitalism in education. His vouchers have already moved some of the money.
Frankly I love it. I love to see the new face of the Republican Party getting a comeuppance. He even needs his own monument. Monument to Lil'Bobby In just a few short months, he's done a complete turn-around and has followed his leader by becoming the Worst Louisiana Governor in history. Bobby Jindal : Louisiana’s laziest Governor

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