Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Orleans Bloggers on The Rude Pundit

The Rude Pundit is one who can always be counted on to "tell it like it is", with no holdin' back, and none of the hang-ups about using the entire language. Can any of the local folks come close to his linguistic wizardry?

Beginning Monday: A Week of Guest Bloggers from New Orleans (Updated):In what's become a tradition around here, one week a year the Rude Pundit heads away from Left Blogsylvania in order to understand that there's a world possible without Cheneys or Hannitys, where the mad voices of the TV and the radio are meaningless against the rush of ocean wave and the sip of Corazon Anejo, a tequila that, after three or four slowly swallowed shots, will make you believe that furtive sand dune sex is not a horribly uncomfortable experience.This time, the Rude Pundit sent out the call to New Orleans bloggers, and he's put together a kick-ass line-up of Crescent City survivors:
Monday, July 28: Dangerblond of Dangerblond
Tuesday, July 29: Oyster of Your Right Hand Thief and Eli Ackerman of We Could Be Famous
Wednesday, July 30: G-Bitch of The G-Bitch Spot
Thursday, July 31: Bigezbear of Bigezbear and Humid City and Lord David of Humid City
Friday, August 1: Karen Gadbois of Squandered Heritage
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Not a good week for more holes . . .

Earlier this week, the GOPer Elders agreed that regardless of any facts, the country needed more holes in order to survive . . .Wonk Room » Lifting Offshore Moratorium Is Boon To Big Oil And No One Else These Elders were answering to a higher power, Big Oil . . .

They were presented with options to more holes . . . which they promptly dismissed for aesthetic reasons . . . and besides, Big Oil would be angered if they attempted to find ways not to drill more holes . . .

Even after pleading for money and taking junkets to far away places, their soldiers were in desperate straits . . . their rising star in LA01 went North to Alaska and returned with the good news that wild animals were pleased with the prospect of drilling more holes in the tundra . . .Scalise says wildlife loves oil production He apparently based this conclusion on interviews with 3 Caribou. Scalise 7-22 Newsletter We all know he needs money, and is looking to Big Oil . . .Drilling Needed to Bring Down Gas Prices - Scalise Watch out for those independent Big oil issue ads to start coming out soon . . . it's the Elder Way.

A fellow-travelers on that trip, Michele Bachmann (MI06) was just as pleased because she saw no animals being molested by drilling holes. Michele Bachman sez no wildlife in ANWR Of course, the last time we saw her, she was drilling a hole down Dubya's throat after the SOTU . . . Michele Bachmann Says Wildlife Go "Where the Action is"

That didn't sit well with Lady Pickles. All was forgiven though, since Pickles had more pressing problems with George. Click here: George and Laura Bush to divorce after election because of Condi Rice? - Pravda.Ru Probably just more nasty gossip . . .

On another front, Elder Diaper Dave Vitter welcomed newby John Kennedy into GOPer-land, and promised to share their common values with the good folks in Louisiana . . . Daily Kingfish:: LA-Sen: Kennedy "Honored" To Campaign With Sinator Vitter And John instantly became one of the Elders with his proclamation that we needed more holes . . . Daily Kingfish:: LA-Sen: Kennedy Joins the Shilling for Big Oil

By the end of the week, what with Hurricane Dolly squashing the McCain/Jindal photo-ops, and the dumping of a few thousand barrels of oil into Big Muddy on the middle of New Orleans, it just didn't go well for the Elders and their dream of drilling more holes . . Firedoglake » Majority of Americans Not Fooled, Say More Drilling Won’t Reduce
Even one of the most revered of the Big Oil Elders, Mr. T. Boone Pickens hisself, suggested the Elders stop makin' noise about more holes. Pickens Tells Offshore Drilling Advocates: ‘You’re Going To Get A . . . What we really need here is more windmills. Air Don't burn . . . but then with T. Boone, there's gotta be an angle . . .
The Elders need to remember that KARMA never stops working.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just stop with the gawd-damn lies . . . .

It might be easier to stomach if these greedy politicians would just stop lyin' about (1) needing to drill to reduce prices at the pumps; and (2) there were no oil spills after Katrina and Rita.

There may be some good reason - though I haven't heard any I'd accept - for opening up more areas for drilling. Just stop lying and treating folks like fools. Granted, Big Oil has spread it's tenacles [and its money] into the talking-head class, and they're staying on message. So let'em make their case if they can, just stop with the lyin' . . .

Of course, there were oil spills after Katrina and Rita - millions of gallons of oil. And when the greasy pols say there wasn't - well, it's the old joke, who you gonna believe, me or your eyes. There's pictures people, and video, for gawd's sake.

And more areas for lease! What the fuck do they need it for? There's millions of acres already leased and not used - and they want more? Why? And on the Louisiana coast, aren't there enough wells already?

Big Oil is just greedy. Enough said . . .

Big Oil and their Mouthpiece-in-chief from Texass, the bloody oil monkey hisself . . .

Thursday, July 17, 2008

PBJ's just another run-of-the-mill politician . . .

Lil'Bobby seems to have a bad case of Bushivitis, in trying to creat his own alternate reality. And also by trying to keep the actual reality secret.
Smart isn't always smart. There's book smarts, which Lil'Bobby seems to have; and then there's street smarts, which he clearly doesn't have. Through the campaign season he and his handlers were able to project the book smart side, mainly by talking fast and avoiding head-to-head encounters with opponents.

Talking fast with a thousand details impressed plenty of media folks and voters, more than enough to get him elected. And those who recognized his crap and tried to alert folks were summarily smeared. He was, after all, the incredible PBJ.

Now that he's in office, his carefully constructed alternate reality is beginning to fall apart. Lil'Bobby appears to be letting his Lil'Ego get in the way of doing his job in Baton Rouge. Maybe it's still just his handlers, Timmy and Melissa, getting confused from lack of age and experience; but more likely it's Lil'Bobby's craving for bigger and higher office that's screwing things up for him. He's never been one to stick with one job too long.
The fall from grace started with the BobbleHead payraise crap - just after Lil'B got the try-out call from Johnny McCain. And it's been downhill ever since.

There was his stupid TV comments that there were no oil spills after Katrina. Jindal Unaware Katrina Caused ‘Major’ Oil Spills A GOPer lie since expounded by both GOPer Scalise and newly minted GOPer Kennedy. No Nonsense Kennedy on Oil Spills That thousands of photographs of the spill are on the inter-tubes has no impact on the attempt to sell the alternate reality. Hurricane Katrina Oil Slicks - September 2, 2005 Just keep on plugging it over and over and over . . .
And now, he's gone and made more enemies with his veto pen. There's plenty written about this crap, best summarized at Library Chronicles - Plenty on Jindal Veto crapola Check it out, with references, for all the stupid details. For the entire list of vetoes, see » NGOs-the complete story
The bottom line though is that the cracks in Lil'Bobby's facade are getting wider and wider. His alternate reality is fast falling apart. And while he may be able to keep his fundy cracker base in line by tossing'em a few bones like creationism, school vouchers and guns-at-work, and confusing'em with his fast talk, his pre-election wunderkind image is shot. The Nation: The Jindal Mystique
As it turns out, he's just another run-of-the-mill conservative politician, always better at campaigning than doing the job.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

North To Alaska - Scalise Photo-Op Tour . . .

A while back LA01 rep Steve Scalise stood before a massive crowd at a Chevron station in Metairie, and announced he had a plan to save us all from the crushing weight of high gasoline prices.

It wasn't his original plan, but he had read the GOP Talking Point Memo carefully, and he was a 100% conservative soldier. Whatever the Memo said, he would sell it.
Can You Dig It? Should We Dig It?

This happened to be the Memo hawking the GOP idea of opening up more land to oil well drilling. The GOPer idea hadn't been selling well lately, and their client Big Oil had become restless, so they had injected the old reliable fear into the mixture to push it along.
McCain's Cruel Offshore Drilling Hoax - Yahoo! News If there's only one thing Scalise is good at, it's sellin'oil . . .

Big Oil already had millions of acres of unexplored and undrilled land under leases, and thousands of unused drilling permits, but that just wasn't enough to satisfy their greed. The GOPers had already voted down requiring them to use those leases and permits, so they wouldn't. GOPers Vote Against Quick Oil Drilling On Existing Leases There was more out there, and Big Oil had to have it.

It also didn't matter that even if they had the land, it would be easily 5-10-or more years before it would have any impact on the price of gasoline. Drill Bandits: $140-a-Barrel Lies - Candide's Notebooks They would have control, and that's what mattered.

Because they need to reinforce the drilling idea, Scalise and other GOPers need photo-ops to illustrate how safe and desirable more drilling will be - especially in places like ANWR. the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve. Boehner Announces American Energy Tour No matter that opening up more land to drilling won't make a wit of difference in our lifetime . . .

Steve is already on the Natural Resources Committee with his mentor Don Young (R-AK), so he's gonna get some great pics for the guys back home. GOPers Head To ANWR . . Scalise

Hope you have a great time . . . can't wait to see those photos in your new ads . . .

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kennedy's mentor is on the lam . . .

Karl Rove, John N. Kennedy's mentor, is on the lam. Think Progress » Rove avoids subpoena by fleeing the country. Rather than face questioning under oath, he has fled the country.

It's OK though. He's gonna come home sometime. And when he does, there'll be an arrest warrant all ready for him.

John Kennedy might want to start looking for a new mentor . . .

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kennedy is a Rove-Made-Man

Let's go back a little in time. Remember in mid-2007, when Karl Rove was on his way out the WH back door, and Dubya had to tell him in a church so he wouldn't have a hissy-fit. Bush confronted Rove’s sins in church He looked around for someone to use as his stooge for a last fling. His one fading chance to realize his dream of a GOPer majority . . .
Rove knew he was on his way out of the mainstream, and was looking for new horses to continue his dirty antics in his battles with destiny . . . Rove Seeks Challenger to Landrieu

And who was there for him - John Kennedy. A mostly wash-up Democrat politician from Louisiana, who never quite made the A-team, Kennedy was willing to do anything for the limelight, even joining the GOPers. He welcomed the attention of Herr Rove. John N. Kennedy Looks to Bush & Rove

Karl thought he recognized a good thing, someone he could use to further his own schemes. Someone who was eager to do his bidding, just for a little attention.
And so now, a year later, John Kennedy announces his run for the US Senate before a record standing-room only crowd in downtown Kenner. Where’d y’all go? Kennedy for Whatever .

He responded to questions that party doesn't matter to him, he can go whichever way the wind blows. And he is proud to have the support of Karl Rove and other famous GOPers, like Lil'Bobby and DiaperDave. Kennedy-Office Shop 'til You Drop

So now, thanks to the puppetmaster Karl Rove, John Kennedy is a Rove-Made-Man, with all the baggage that's attached to that status.