Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kennedy is a Rove-Made-Man

Let's go back a little in time. Remember in mid-2007, when Karl Rove was on his way out the WH back door, and Dubya had to tell him in a church so he wouldn't have a hissy-fit. Bush confronted Rove’s sins in church He looked around for someone to use as his stooge for a last fling. His one fading chance to realize his dream of a GOPer majority . . .
Rove knew he was on his way out of the mainstream, and was looking for new horses to continue his dirty antics in his battles with destiny . . . Rove Seeks Challenger to Landrieu

And who was there for him - John Kennedy. A mostly wash-up Democrat politician from Louisiana, who never quite made the A-team, Kennedy was willing to do anything for the limelight, even joining the GOPers. He welcomed the attention of Herr Rove. John N. Kennedy Looks to Bush & Rove

Karl thought he recognized a good thing, someone he could use to further his own schemes. Someone who was eager to do his bidding, just for a little attention.
And so now, a year later, John Kennedy announces his run for the US Senate before a record standing-room only crowd in downtown Kenner. Where’d y’all go? Kennedy for Whatever .

He responded to questions that party doesn't matter to him, he can go whichever way the wind blows. And he is proud to have the support of Karl Rove and other famous GOPers, like Lil'Bobby and DiaperDave. Kennedy-Office Shop 'til You Drop

So now, thanks to the puppetmaster Karl Rove, John Kennedy is a Rove-Made-Man, with all the baggage that's attached to that status.

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