Thursday, July 17, 2008

PBJ's just another run-of-the-mill politician . . .

Lil'Bobby seems to have a bad case of Bushivitis, in trying to creat his own alternate reality. And also by trying to keep the actual reality secret.
Smart isn't always smart. There's book smarts, which Lil'Bobby seems to have; and then there's street smarts, which he clearly doesn't have. Through the campaign season he and his handlers were able to project the book smart side, mainly by talking fast and avoiding head-to-head encounters with opponents.

Talking fast with a thousand details impressed plenty of media folks and voters, more than enough to get him elected. And those who recognized his crap and tried to alert folks were summarily smeared. He was, after all, the incredible PBJ.

Now that he's in office, his carefully constructed alternate reality is beginning to fall apart. Lil'Bobby appears to be letting his Lil'Ego get in the way of doing his job in Baton Rouge. Maybe it's still just his handlers, Timmy and Melissa, getting confused from lack of age and experience; but more likely it's Lil'Bobby's craving for bigger and higher office that's screwing things up for him. He's never been one to stick with one job too long.
The fall from grace started with the BobbleHead payraise crap - just after Lil'B got the try-out call from Johnny McCain. And it's been downhill ever since.

There was his stupid TV comments that there were no oil spills after Katrina. Jindal Unaware Katrina Caused ‘Major’ Oil Spills A GOPer lie since expounded by both GOPer Scalise and newly minted GOPer Kennedy. No Nonsense Kennedy on Oil Spills That thousands of photographs of the spill are on the inter-tubes has no impact on the attempt to sell the alternate reality. Hurricane Katrina Oil Slicks - September 2, 2005 Just keep on plugging it over and over and over . . .
And now, he's gone and made more enemies with his veto pen. There's plenty written about this crap, best summarized at Library Chronicles - Plenty on Jindal Veto crapola Check it out, with references, for all the stupid details. For the entire list of vetoes, see » NGOs-the complete story
The bottom line though is that the cracks in Lil'Bobby's facade are getting wider and wider. His alternate reality is fast falling apart. And while he may be able to keep his fundy cracker base in line by tossing'em a few bones like creationism, school vouchers and guns-at-work, and confusing'em with his fast talk, his pre-election wunderkind image is shot. The Nation: The Jindal Mystique
As it turns out, he's just another run-of-the-mill conservative politician, always better at campaigning than doing the job.

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