Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We need another Huey Long now . . .

In January, I posted an item on Huey Long, the former much maligned governor of Louisiana. Click here: Won'cha'hep'me: A Few Words from Huey Long Love him or hate him, the 'Kingfish' was not afraid to take on the establishment.
In his 1933 self-published auto-biography, Huey spoke truth to power, and railed against the corporate greed and corruption that brought about the collapse in 1929. It's time to revisit some of Huey's words:

"All the people in America cannot eat up the food that is produced in America; all the people in America cannot wear out the clothes that can be made in America; nor can all of the people in America occupy the houses that stand in this country, if all are allowed to share in homes afforded by the nation. But when one man must have more houses to live in than ninety-nine other people; when one man decides he must own more foodstuff than any other ninety-nine people own; when one man decides he must have more goods to wear for himself and family than any other ninety-nine people, then the condition results that instead of one hundred people sharing the things that are on earth for one hundred people, that one man, through his gluttonous greed, takes over ninety-nine parts for himself and leaves one part for the ninety-nine.Now what can this one man do with what is intended for ninety-nine? He cannot eat the food that is intended for ninety-nine people; he cannot wear the clothes that are intended for ninety-nine people; he cannot live in ninety-nine houses at the same time; but like the dog in the manger, he can put himself on the load of hay and he can say: 'This food and these clothes and these houses are mine, and while I cannot use them, my greed can only be satisfied by keeping anybody else from having them. 'Wherefore and whence developed the strife in the land of too much, beginning in the year 1929."(Every Man A King, Huey P. Long, 1933, pgs. 291-292)
Click here: Won'cha'hep'me: A Few Words from Huey Long

So here we are in 2008, faced with the potential for financial disaster as great as that suffered in 1929, and for many of the same reasons, the principal of which is simply greed. And once again, we need a Huey Long to speak for the common man and for the common good.

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