Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scalise in a nutshell . . .

Grab your guns folks . . . them ebil-doing, black, muslin, terrorist, socialists are coming to git'cha and take all your stuff. They gonna storm your gated enclaves, ravage your women, beat-up on all you old white guys, and give all your money to poor people. The Scaliziest Political Commercial in Louisiana That is, unless you keep folks like Sleezy Scalise in Washington so can protect you.

Scalise must have learned some things from Big Time Cheney during his few hour visit a while back, 'cause he's following the historic GOP game-play in LA01 by avoiding the issues . . . Instead he's playing to the long-standing bigotry and fear from the past.

Scalise so far has tried'em all, in his trashy ad attempting the quantum leap from Jim Harlan to Jeremiah Wright, in his gun pandering news photo-op giving a gun to the old white lady, and in his I support veterans ad returning the Gonzales medals. OK, so getting the medals back was a nice thing to do, but as pointed out elsewhere 'what took so long?' Scalise, Bipartisan? Puh-lease! Actually the GOPers could have taken care of that bizness starting back with Bob Livingston, though he was sorta pre-occupied chasing tush back then. They musta been saving this little gut-grabber for when one of their boys was heading south.

And getting Pat Konie a new gun? Well, that's a nice play for the scared white folks vote, which unfortunately is a pretty large group in LA01. NOLA Woman Gets New Gun From Scalise.

The interesting thing is that none of the supposed supporters of the Mistake By The Lake have made any notable public appearances with him or on his behalf. Even last week, Bobby Jindal made an ad for John Kennedy [ which will have all sorts of implications of its own down the line], but he has yet to speak up for Steve. Jindal is just too busy raising money in other states.

Likewise, though writers like Stephanie Grace go along with the misconception that LA01 is a lock for the GOP, Choices left and right - S. Grace -, none of the former GOPer Congressmen - Livingston, Vitter, Jindal - has spoken publically for Steve. Maybe he's gonna try and squeeze'em in this last week. It's just possible that none of them want to get too close to Sleezy for fear it rubs off and screws their future plans.

Answer in a nutshell: You're a dirtbag Steve, always were, always will be . . . and because you're a dirtbag, nobody wants to get too close to you . . .

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