Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scalise stays on the low road, surprise, surprise . .

The Mistake by the Lake is way too mild a characterization of Steve Scalise after seeing his latest attack on Jim Harlan. The title Sleazy Scalise is more appropriate. It's a play straight out of the Rove-McCain-Palin 2008 playbook, complete with references to the evil twins Obama and Wright. Steve Scalise joins in on the McCain trash talk express It's bullshit, total bullshit, but a devastatingly accurate portrait of the real Scalise the GOP has been promoting as the heir to the LA01 seat in Congress.

He's so desperate he has to bring the Big Dick into NOLA, to stir up his money-makers in a secretive luncheon at Arnaud's. Won'cha'hep'me: 'Big Time' finally comes to NOLA Cheney, Scalise supporters lunch together in Quarter- Dick Cheney, WOW, the worst VP since Dan Quale! Polls: Cheney Nears Quayle as Least Popular Veep - The Caucus Blog - NYTimes.c It cost a small fortune to fly the Dickster into town, and Scalise has the gall to claim his campaign paid for it. Scalise on WGNO forum - we paid for that trip WTF? You might want to ask for the paperwork on that tall tale, and keep an eye on his campaign finance reports.

Scalise really does play LA01 voters for fools. Next thing, he might as well go ahead and make personal appearances with John LaBruzzo and Michelle Bachmann. Won'cha'hep'me: What do LABruzzo, Bachmann and Palin have in common?

The third string Scalise has nothing to offer himself, so he's reduced to depending on the ignorance, bigotry and fear of the voters in LA01. He believes, and unfortunately has reason to believe, that all he needs to do is throw out a few worn-out cliches like pro-life, shared family values and 100% conservative, and all the GOPers will fall into line behind him like the dumb sheep they've become. On his website though, his values appear to be limited to being against abortion and gay marriage. Fortunately, family values extends far beyond those two red-meat issues. Defining Family Values, Traditional Family Values There's things like a right to live a healthy and safe life, a right not to be killed in war, and so on. Oh, for added flavor, he does throw out a few of the evil liberal, Pelosi, tax and spend, anger triggers.

He's nothing but a common professional hack politician who's worked the public teat since he was 30, been a loyal soldier, waited his turn while the A-team passed him by, and finally got his payoff with a big bump in salary last May. Click here: Won'cha'hep'me: Do GOPers in LA01 really want Scalise?

Because GOPers, at least in this area, are so intractably ideological, they project their sheep-like mentality on all those who oppose them, e.g., We're all the same so they must all be the same. Thus, all Democrats are evil liberals, abortionist baby killers, homos, terrorists, anti-American, and on and on, ad nauseum.

One local blogger recently claimed that since Jim Harlan is pro-life, pro-gun, and a fiscal conservative, he's really a Republican - or else he's lying. . . . The Low River Road: Scalise finally fight back Poor guy, that's just wanton ignorance. I've been a registered Democrat since 1960, and over the years I've seen folks with a wide variety of personal beliefs in the Democratic party. The thread of the Democratic party is diversity, not uniformity, inclusion not exclusion, and a commitment to seeking the common good, not ideological purity. Republicans, on the other hand, seem committed to rigid authoritarian theocratic ideology, one size fits all, and the dumbing down of America. David Brooks - Class Wars Before Palin It may have worked in an earlier time, but after the past 8 years of GOP domination, even their more intelligent thinkers, like Brooks and George Will, are rethinking the meaning of being conservative.

For the second time in a year, folks in LA01 have an opportunity to select a Congressman with real class, not just some warmed-over party hack. Last spring we had Gilda Reed who, on all counts, was better qualified that Scalise, and it got away from us, lost in the GOP logo branded on Metairie and the Northshore of LA01.

But we've got another chance to get it right, and with a candidate in Jim Harlan who, once again, outshines Scalise on all counts. And, what with all the chaos in Washington and on the campaign trail, the GOPer brand isn't so strong as it used to be . . . Scalise has shown he has nothing to run on but sleaze and brand, and hopefully it's time to change brands in LA01 and send a man we can be proud of to Washington.

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