Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What do LABruzzo, Bachmann and Palin have in common?

What do John LaBruzzo, Michelle Bachmann, and Sarah Palin have in common?

a. They blame blacks and other minorities for the present financial crisis.
b. They believe in population design through use of Eugenics.
c. They believe that drilling everywhere will lower gas prices today.
d. They support Steve Scalise for Congress in LA01.
e. All of the above.

Steve has and will continue to do as he is told . . to keep what's left of the party going . . . He'll keep the Louisiana GOPers happy by following their instructions . . .

He's not so bright that he'll have new ideas or make trouble. He fits right in with the GOPer plan of dumbing down America . . . It's not about intelligence, knowledgable or experienced anymore . . . it's about cute, folksy and loyalty to ideology. Sooooooo . . .

And he goes right along with the GOPer announced obstructionist strategy.

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