Monday, November 3, 2008

Numbnuts is out of touch . . .

Scalize just keeps on bumping into himself at every turn. And he keeps on getting caught in his web of downright lies. Why shouldn't folks in LA01 expect the numbnuts to know what's going on in LA01, especially when it's about an issue he's so interested in . . . To quote the T-P from their endorsement, Scalise " . . . pledges to continue to push for hurricane protection, including floodgates at the Rigolets." WTF?

And now the Times-Picayune reiterates their mistake in endorsing Scalise in LA01. Either the T-P publisher and staff are just too in the rightwing pocket to admit their mistake, or too lazy to review their choice in view of Scalise's continuing lies and blatant stupidity. Daily Kingfish:: LA-01: Scalise Is OUT OF TOUCH The T-P did the right thing in opting for Obama and Mary, but they just couldn't bring themselves to risk having the ole white folks LA01 turn around.

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