Monday, March 16, 2009

Diaper Dave's Dust-Up, again and again . . .

Diaper Dave’s Dust-Up
by Becky Akersby Becky Akers

A passenger recently arrived at his gate twenty minutes before his flight on United Airlines was due to depart. He found the door to the ramp already closed. So he did what many of us long to, what customers who aren’t aviation’s prisoners would do with impunity, and what formerly free Americans could once have done without fear of "detainment" or brouhaha: he tried to make his flight by opening the door.
The usual hysteria ensued. But rather than sympathizing with its victim, we can laugh ourselves sick because the guy snared this time is Sen. David Vitter (R-LA).
You might think Diaper Dave would have been so wretchedly shamed after the media exposed his dalliances with various prostitutes, let alone the rumors about his peculiar predilection, that he’d have slunk off the stage, pronto, never to be heard from again. Picture yourself in his place when little Tommy next door calls a sly "Hey, Mr. Vitter!" Your parents, your siblings, your staff, the constituent uppity enough to challenge you at the "town hall meeting," even the shoe-shine guy and the waiter who smirks as he hands you your menu in the Senate Dining Room – all know what you do and how you do it. Wouldn’t you either hole up on a desert island or kill yourself? But no: politicians will pay any price, however mortifying, to lord it over their betters, so the sleazebag pesters us to this day.
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